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    I dont’t like to watch at some of my 340 faded instruments like the airspeed or altimeter (the red bars are gone). I want bright colors and clean glass.
    Last time I asked my shop to clean them, they said that they must be sent to overhaul, and that will be expensive just to get them clean. Is it true? Are there some other options?

    1978 340A


      Dear Rodolfo

      I have just completed a Ram VII on my 340 which included the requirement to remark the asi, mp, rpm and 3 in 1 engine gauges. They came back like brand new both in the glass and face of gauge. I have just sent my analog fuel flow to get done as well because it look out of place. It cost about 500 Australian each instrument by a specialist shop but the labour to get them in and out is quite significant (especially the asi) and you would need to allow at least one day.




      Hi Geoff,
      I was wondering where you got the instruments remarked. I would like my ASI done, I am based in Melbourne.

      414A RAM VII


        Rodofo, if your altimeter is an encoding altimeter like most 340s, you are looking at an expensive cleanup as I believe they have to overhaul the instrument once they open it up. On the otherhand, on some instruments it is possible to remove the snap ring holding the glass in place. Then remove the glass and clean it and carefully remark the instrument.


          Dear David

          Sorry for delay in responding.

          It is Parafield Instrument Facilities Pty
          Ph 08 82817175



        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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