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      I have been a Jepp user for 25+ years but comparing the $500 I spend with Jepp to the $79 cost of Foreflight, which provides so much more, is tempting me to drop the Jepp subscription.

      The only thing preventing me from making the switch is the ability to print charts. After some research and experimentation, I am able to print charts from my Ipad using the new Foreflight 4.0 – however, they only print one size: 8 1/2 by 11. I want to print them standard chart size, which would be 2 charts on a single 8 1/2 by 11 page. I can do this with Jeppview but not Foreflight.

      Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


      Printing from the ipad, you are advanced! Getting 2 charts like Jepp did it, I am not sure that is possible in the pdf format as delivered. When my ipad comes back from repairs, I need to try printing from it and stacking more than one procedure/sheet.

      I ditched my Jeppesen JeppView 12+ months ago, same tipping point –> the big bill at renewal time. I did keep the en route charts from Jepp, I prefer them to gov. Today I fly with printed plates for the airports I plan to use, the US on my Kindle 2 and Foreflight/ipad and my PC with all of the US procedures in .pdf format on the HD. I prefer the ipad/Foreflight combo over the Kindle.

      I just got back from a long trip (2 weeks and 25 hours). About 2 days into the trip, my ipad crapped out. I was diverted all over the place due to WX (same system that spawned all the tornadoes) so I was glad to have the Kindle and PC along.

      I used to have a portable printer but that was a hassle. I generally find that I can copy what I need on to a flash drive and find some place to print the paper I need.

      I don’t miss JeppView at all.


      I’m strictly Part 91 🙂

      I use the IFR subscription, Flight Guide w/FlyWi GPS on my iPad, approach charts included. $164/yr.

      I back up the Flight Guide app with FltPlan.com Mobile “single charts” on my Droid smartphone and printed charts for destination and alternates from here:


      Back up paper gov. enroute low charts from Sporty’s for my area. KLN-90B in the panel for /G, XM weather on the 496, and the trusty old Strikefinder rounds it out.

      Flight planning and radar weather promised for Flight Guide…

      Works for my usual “light” IFR flying.


      Not an answer to your question, but…

      I went totally paperless about a year ago with ForeFlight. I have FF loaded on both my iPad and iPhone, so if the iPad goes Tango Uniform I can get the plates on my iPhone (albeit they are pretty small).

      If both of my Apple devices croak, I still have two GPSs and three moving maps in the airplane. The 530 has all of the approaches in it, and I’ll just go find a nice ILS and ask the controller what the DH is.

      I really think I have MORE backup now than I used to with a single piece of paper for every approach. I had a number of times I had the wrong book in the plane, but thankfully none when it actually mattered.

      I used to use Jepp FlightStar and print out a big “trip kit” before each flight, but I’ve stopped killing trees. Maybe that will offset my use of more 100LL in the 421!


        quote RCJOHNSON:

        Not an answer to your question, but…

        I went totally paperless about a year ago with ForeFlight. Robert

        Well, I caved in and just renewed my my JeppView subscription. I can’t bring myself to give up the ability to print charts at standard size (Foreflight will print one chart to an 8 1/2 by 11 inch page). For now, I’m printing charts for departure, destination and alternate with JeppView and using the iPad/Foreflight as a backup and for landings at unplanned airports. Once Foreflight upgrades its printing options, I’ll make the switch. Eventually, I may go totally paperless, most likely with dual Ipads for redundancy.


        I don’t know anything about ForeFlight, JeppView or the like, but…

        If printing two charts on a single page is a feature you require, many printer drivers will do that for you regardless of what the application sends. If in Windows, once you trigger the print, in the dialog box select the printer, then Properties (each system and printer driver varies, but that’s the general path) and you can usually select various page lay-out options that are handled strictly AFTER the application sends the print output.

        At least that’s in Windoze. I can’t speak to the do-it-my-way-or-not-at-all philosophy of Apple products. (See, I’m an equal opportunity critic!)


        I am off of paper now for good….(at least for now anyway). I have been slowly working through this for months and the last 2 weeks I have not had a paper terminal or enroute chart in my hand that was paper.

        I flew an instrument approach this morning that was unplanned when my left side wing boots would not deflate climbing through some icing and my AP/FD had a poltergeist in it. Figured it was a good time to get on the ground.

        It was easier than I expected to pull the unplanned approach up and it was nice to see the plane geo-referenced. I asked for an approach and was immediately cleared 4 miles from the IAF needing to get down 4,000′ and while hand flying in the clouds.

        I have left my Kindle at home for months now and have been using an Ipad and ForeFlight which I am learning to use better plus it has improved (ForeFlight) greatly over the last 12 months. I have an Iphone with a duplicate database and a Garmin 796 with their enroute and terminal charts. All are geo referenced and easy to use.

        I am very comfortable with the redunancy of the multible data bases on board, not any good reason to create more waste paper. But, I am only 2 weeks paper free …. I could relapse.

        (and my boot problem and AP fixed themselves on the ground. The mechanic on the field did not know where to start on the boot issue, I called my shop and they told me to fire it up and cycle them on the ground. When I started the engine the left side inflated but after one cycle they sucked back in. Several more cycles I was satisfied they were OK. My shop suggested that if I had not been using them much, the valve could be “sticky” or there was some water in the system that would work out. Flew home in ice free air and gave them a work out on final and on the ground, diagnosis must have been correct)

        (Poltergeist in the AP remains a mystery..tested it on the ground same time as the boots and it tested fine, flew 3 hours to get home and it worked fine)


        Similar story for me- Garmin 696 and iPad with foreflight. Haven’t carried paper charts with me for over a year. (And for 6 months before that I carried them because all I had was the Garmin and still wanted a back up. Although, during that time I never used them.) No regrets. Less cockpit clutter.


        I have charts on the G600 as a backup but use the iPad with Foreflight for every flight. I can’t justify the Jepp fees with Foreflight being so cheap. The ONLY reason I have Jepp is for international charts as I fly to Mexico pretty regularly.


        Foreflight now allows with one subscription two ipad devices + an iphone. I have a 1st gen iPad, a new mini and an iphone. This is a great deal from a redundancy standpoint. I also have a 696 on the yoke.

        I suspect Jepp will eventually give up and move to providing data to Foreflight, WingX, etc as a premium option on those platforms – maybe Part 91 only? I bet many would pay $100 more a year for Jepp electronic enroute and approach charts on Foreflight/wingX.

        I wish foreflight would support the new dual GPS/ADS-B receiver for enroute weather and traffic. It is a better product than the Stratus with better traffic options two. Coupled with a mode-S transponder in the plane and you would have very close to ADS-B in/out traffic performance.

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