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    I am looking for a company that would be able to sell a CAD file for a 310G panel. I have a machine shop that can cut the panel out. Thanks.


    If you can’t find anyone that has the CAD template for your panel you could borrow one from someone like Preferred Airparts and reverse engineer it. I did that a number of years ago by explaining what I needed it for then buying & returning it and paying an extra fee for its use.


    I just finished a panel upgrade on my 310G. No fancy glass, just a nice clean traditional panel using backlighting and the radiorax avionics system. I do not have the ability to post a photo to this site but if you would like I could email to you. I may be able to help with a drawing or other advice on the older panels.


    One of the reasons I bought my 310G was it’s instrument panel modification. It still needs avionics updates, but the hard work … reconfiguring the layout … has already been done. I’ll send you my STC info and drawings if you’d like.


    I just found Envision Avionics Panels.

    They offer full turn-key service, or alacarte. They can custom design a new panel using CAD software, CNC cut it, powder coat it and laser etch the legends, text and placards. I already had a custom designed and cut panel that I sent them for finishing and I’m very, VERY impressed with the results. Next time I’d go 100% with them.

    Envision Avionics Panels


    Give Nimbus Aviation at FXE Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport. The have a laser
    scanner and CAD plus laser engraving for all your required placards. They did the panels
    on my 310J. I can send you pics of the quality work. Regards Joe


    I finally had a few minutes to try and upload a before and after shot of the new panel in our 310G. The CB panel is a modified panel from a “P” model. The control column was changed to a “Y” column for radio clearance. The “Radiorax” avionics mount system was used and is great. The single gear down light was changed to a three light annunciator from a 340 and starter engage lights were installed on the control quadrant. “NuLite” bezels replace the original post lights. The next project is to clean up and rebuild the control quadrant.


    Very Well done. Regards Joe


    Are those yolks from a 340? Did you need an STC or 337 field approval to install those? I would like to upgrade my control yolks in a 73 310Q and wondering what my options are.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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