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    Can anyone tell me what the cost to add active traffic has been for them? Had a near miss the other day and don’t want to repeat that. I have a 696 that I could add a Zaon to but not sure about the quality vs TCAS.



    Avidyne posts their retail price list on their website.
    Sarasota Avionics posts installed prices for some items, or you can email them for a make/model dependent quote.

    Rough figures, the Garmin 800 and the Avidyne TAS600 start around $12k installed, and go up from there.

    I’m currently installing a Avidyne TAS620 in my 340. Had a TAS615 in my last Aztec. Less equipment than the Garmin unit and easier install.


    They quoted me $18,590 for the Avidyne TAS-605A 20 miles 55,000 feet.


      I was told it would cost around $5,000 to get an ADS-B setup.



      I had a Zaon and it works well with the 696 unit in high traffic areas. I had sold it awhile back, and am considering adding the Stratus 2 for use with foreflight as it gives weather, traffic, backup AI, etc and is only ~ 800 or so. Not the same as active traffic, but a fair compromise.

      Right now I still have the 696 on the yoke and the mini on the lap.


      I had an air-to-air miss by less than 50 ft. last Friday.

      Damn geese keep forgetting to turn on their Mode S.


      I’m installing the TAS605A (13nm and 5500-foot vertical) quote is $11k.
      Does ADS-B In/Out as well, may as well get that out of the way.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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