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    Looking for information on repairing skin corrosion. The 310r I’m looking at buying has an issue behind the nose heater at the bulkhead. Both of the skins are rotted through, and it has eaten into the bulkhead. The shop says the bulkhead can be cleaned and treated, but I’m concerned whether the skins should be completely replaced or flush patched. Anyone been through this or would know how this will affect the value of the airframe?


      If my memory serves me correctly, if the metal is corroded 10%, then it must be replaced. 10% of .032 is .003, not very much is allowed. My take would be to pass on the plane because there is probably more corrosion, and it is probably hidden like under the spar caps. Our planes have enough problems being 30+ years old then to add known corrosion to the list. A future potential buyer would wonder about a flush patch which is visable versus a new skin that is not noticeable. There seems to be lots of airplanes for sale so why buy a known problem, and probably has other hidden ones.


      I have to agree with RWELSH. If you have visable corrosion to the extent you are saying, heaven knows what you can’t see. There are too many nice airplanes out there to choose from. 310Rs are a great airplane. We love ours. Buy a clean one. The few extra bucks in purchase price on a well maintained, corrosion free airframe will save you big bucks down the road. Good luck in your search.

      Steve Williams
      ’77 C-310R

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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