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    Good Evening to all,

    The Wichita gathering was a big success, from great presentations to an opportunity to meet others and “posters” in person, to learning from others, the convention offered a lot in a very short time span.

    Regardless of what you came for, you left fulfilled, which is a nice feeling. Whether you were a spouse, friend, pilot or vendor, there was a lot of good interaction among all there; there was never a dull moment for all.

    Colleen and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and especially having an opportunity to discuss life, aviation and more with those we crossed paths with. A thank you goes out to all who we had the opportunity to talk and connect with. And for those who we did not have the opportunity to cross paths with, we can try to do it next time.

    Similar to being at cruise at altitude, being in Wichita gave us all time to leave our normal connection and just go with the flow, leaving the email and phone/work issues at a distance, this was definitely appreciated by us and I recall mentioning it to Colleen when we had quiet times in a peaceful surrounding. Having the ability to learn from people who sincerely were there for “giving” not taking was an implied right that was a”special” gift for sure.

    As we approach Independence Day, the two of us take none of it for granted, life is a special gift, as pilots we have a special gift that makes one appreciate the diversity life has happened to all of us.

    In closing, a special thanks to Bill Albert, Toni Saxton and Bob Thomason, not to mention numerous others whose efforts were exemplary, without your coordinated efforts, we would have missed all that was available.


    Did not see any replies but know there were others with thoughts on this event… .?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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