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    Have any 414A or 421C owners replaced their Gill 246 with a Concord RG24-20?

    Any feedback on fit, performance, longevity?

    Ted, Is the Concorde working OK in your 310N?



      I replaced my Gill 246 with a Concorde RG24-20 10 years ago (C340). It still passes the annual current load test. I use a linear D.C. power supply to float it at 28.1 volts when I am in the home hangar. I had bad luck with the Gill batteries prior to that. However, I did not use a float supply nor recondition using a constant current charger.



      So far so good on the Concorde in my 310N. I’m not sure I could say that I notice much of a difference vs. the Gill – when fully charged both seem to throw the props about the same. Since everyone has stated good longevity out of the Concorde, I’m hoping I’ll notice the difference 10 years from now. 🙂

      Also had my BatteryMinder converted for Concorde use. BatteryMinder was kind of enough to donate the conversion to us. Normal price is $75.


        I have 2 G-25 in series .
        C-340 installed in 2008
        I guess I’m extremely lucky.
        I don’t even have a tender on it.
        Does anyone else have this setup and if so what type of charger do you use?


        Jack, my Gills lasted about 5 years, so not much different than yours. I added a BatteryMinder a year or two ago.


          We went trough two Gills, both lasting about one year, in our C340. Being tired of it, we switched to Concord one year ago. Then a few weeks ago the Concord went bad. Impossible!
          Digging into the issue we found out that there is a 30mA draw on the battery when everything is turned off. Pulling the cabin light circuit breaker the draw goes to a few MicroAmps (thanks to Toni Saxton from TAS for pointing me into the right direction).
          Conclusion: The problems we attributed to bad batteries was caused by a small constant draw which was otherwise not noticable in the normal swing of things.
          We replaced the battery again, with a Concord, will troubleshoot the current leak next week at TAS and I will let you know in a few years how it went 🙂



          I have two Gill G-25 S (sealed) batteries and use a battery minder to charge/float when at home.

          So far, so good.



            What model charger due you use?




            I bought the AA-S2 made for the Gill batteries.



              Just ordered the same one.
              Thanks for the input.

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