Cleveland outer wheel half

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      I have a Cleveland outer wheel half for the heavy duty gear on a 340, 414 or 421, part number for the wheel half is 169-09300 and is off a 40-135A wheel assembly. This type of wheel assembly has the inner spacer intergal to the inner wheel half. $100

      I also have the brake disc for this wheel assembly, part number 164-20306 for the 30-100 brake assembly. It was used only 50 hours and has slight wear. $50

      Also the inner wheel half for the 40-40A, B, or C wheel assembly, part number 161-01901. $80

      Also the middle spacer for the 40-40A, B, or C wheel assembly. The 40-40A is the original wheel assembly for the 340s and 414s that has the separate spacer between the wheel halves. $30

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