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    My wife and I want to host a Tuna Tank fly-in at our base airport – Statesville, NC KSVH, for the September 27 weekend. Please go to the Classic 310 Forum section for all the details. All information and updates will take place on that forum section.




    Well, the Tuna Tank Fly-in for this coming Friday night and Saturday is officially on! The group will be small. But thanks to Pat in Canada with a completely polished aluminum 310B, and Richard from Albany, NY with a very nice 56 model painted in the original scheme, we will have – as they both said – a great reason just to get together, enjoy the camaraderie, have a place to go with their 310’s and swap some stories. Plus even 3 classic 310’s should have a little bit of an impact when arriving on the ramp for lunch. [And we all will spend thousands to fly somewhere for a free dinner!]

    If you fly a Tuna Tank Twin Cessna, there’s still time to throw in. All the details are above in the originating post. Let me know. We’d all love to have you join us.

    All the details are in the Classic 310 forum section. Or feel free to contact me by phone or at


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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