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    Can anyone tell me if there is a solution to the limited headroom in the C340A? A 5’11” person sitting in the pilot seat with the seat as low as possible does not afford comfortable headroom. The headset is rubbing the headliner. Is there a modification to rectify this? Maybe a seat modification? This may be the deal breaker on my prepurchase inspection if I cant find a solution


    I’m 5’10 and don’t have any problem, but you could easily re-build the seat cushion with a thinner core. Think one of the products from Oregon Aero.


    I’m 6’0 and have no problem…even with a bulky headset on top. I would make sure the seat crank isn’t obstructed. Otherwise, some new thinner foam will do the trick. If you love everyting else about the airplane, you can find a solution here. Good luck.


    I am 5’11’ and I raise my 340 seat up to get a better view outside the windshield. I think at the top of the travel, my headset may brush the liner but I don’t think it would.

    A guy in the hanger next door sent his Meridian to get a new interior He is 6′, when he picked the plane up his head pushing into the headliner w/o a headset – obvious that the factory seat job had less foam. He had the seat re-done and he fit back into the plane.

    I don’t know if all of the seats are the same or if there were options. My seat has 2 cranks, Up/Down and Backrest Angle.



    I’m 6′ 2″ with Zulu headsets no problem in a 340 and I’ve flown a 340A as well.

    So I’d look into the crank mechanism for sure….

    Don’t walk away from a good airplane over a seat…that can be modified.

    Just my opinion…

    Good luck.


    Not all 6’0 is the same. Some people have longer legs, some longer bodies. It is the butt to head spec that determines if your head height will be an issue.


    I am 6’3″ and currently own an a Bonanza A-36. I fit in it pretty well – but there isn’t much headroom left. Any comparisons between pilot room in an A36 and 340? Any headroom differences between 340 and 340A?

    Thanks – Matt


      Yes make the seat back thinner and the seat bottom thinner. You can get much higher quality foam then what is in the seat now and not loose any comfort. Making all the seats thinner and lower makes the cabin seem larger once you sit down as well as the cockpit. Did it to mine love it.


      In 6’2″ and don’t have an issue. I’d be checking the cushion thickness and make sure it’s truly winding all the way down.



      6’1″, 32″ inseam (so the rest is torso) and I fit fine in my ’81 340A. The pilot’s seat was rebuilt with thinner foam 5 years ago.


      I’m 6’7″ and leg room/knee clearance is a bigger issue for me. Headroom is fine though.

    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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