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      After allot of work and a time line that turned out to be twice what I expected, Turbo Solutions, LLC (a company created to pursue the project) has earned two Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for retrofitting a current production turbocharger and optional wastegate for the original equipment installed in Cessna 320s equipped with the TSIO-470 series engine.

      The TSIO-470 series equipped Cessna 320 originally included a no longer manufactured Airesearch / Garrett T-1101 turbocharger that is no longer capable of overhaul due to lack of available parts, leaving approximately 163 U.S. registered C-320s fitted with the TSIO-470 engine series without turbocharger options or support. Original equipment turbochargers have been out of production for many years. The same is true for the original wastegate system.

      The Cessna 320, 320-1, 320-A, 320-B and 320-C airframe models utilized the TCM TSIO-470 series engine. There are no relevant differences in the airframes across the models other than model years of production, and the TSIO-470 variants have no relevant differences. The differences are that the –B model engine utilized an externally mounted oil filter, while the –C model is identical except for utilizing an attached oil filter adapter. The –D model engine is identical to the –C model, except for an additional crankshaft damper.

      The STC includes a Hartzell Engine Technologies TE06 turbocharger, Exhaust Adapter Block, Turbocharger Support Bracket, Supports for the turbocharger bracket, Tailpipe, related hardware and optional replacement wastegate. The new system meets all original published aircraft and engine performance specifications with no change to operation or aircraft limitations.

      The C-320 is a wonderful airplane, and this STC should provide longevity to the fleet. The next step will be getting PMA approval.


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