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    Hello all – I am really trying to find an old Flight Safety checklist (blue plastic cover – has the abnormals, etc) for a 425. Unfortunately they sold the sims to SimCom and SimCom doesn’t have a similar checklist for it. It’s very frustrating – I don’t know how they can charge $8K for a sim course and not even have any materials to give you. I would be HAPPY to purchase an old Flight Safety one from someone who has one. Thanks, Clay


    I just did my 441 initial with Proflight in Carlsbad. They gave me an awesome checklist and procedures folder for the airplane. I was very impressed with them and their methodology – who wants to page through a POH to find the procedures when something is urgent! Give them a call, maybe they can help.

    Max Nerheim


    Thanks – I’ve never heard of ProFlight and didn’t know anyone else but Simcom now had full motion sims for the 425/441. How did you find the sim quality there? We’re they functional and well maintained? How about the instructors? We’re they very familiar with the Conquest, or did they spend the majority of their time teaching Citations and kind of only do Conquest when they had to? That’s how I felt about my experience at Simcom.


    The school is small, and the owner only hires teachers that have many years in type and are still flying them. My instructor had something like 20 years experience. The owner started teaching the Conquest as they were off the line and over time developed their own materials, graphics, books, checklists, etc. Their full motion Conquest simulator is not super fancy, but very functional. I feel they gave me really good training. They were recommended to me by several other Conquest pilots, and if you haven’t been there, I recommend you try them out. The best training and the most knowledgeable staff I have experienced. Highly recommended for Conquest training.

    BTW, the instructors really like the Conquests 🙂



    I have been hearing very good reports on Proflight. I would definitely give them a try!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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