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      Good Afternoon All
      Can anyone recommend a secure lock to replace the rinky dinky original locks


        Richard, just what is rinky-dink with the 340 locks? Mine have 5200 hours and work just fine. I had the locksmith put new tumblers/pins in as they were getting worn and sloppy. The locks on the nacelle doors are not easy to get at, but the nose locker doors and the main door are quite easy to get out and replace the tumblers/pins. It would be nice not to have locks that 70,000 other owners have keys for, but a good locksmith can make a key that is unlike the generic Cessna keys.


          We recently landed and my wife went back to the plane to get some stuff we had left behind. She was not paying attention and there was another 340 parked next to us. She opened the nose compartment and found all of our stuff missing ….but alas it was not our plane !!
          I am looking for a barrel type key that I saw advertised somewhere but lost the ad.
          Any ideas


          I have the round key (barrel) type. One of them was causing trouble and I removed it and took it to the locksmith. They sold me a new lock and set the key pattern to match my key. I put it back on myself using the latch from the original lock. Worked OK and cost me ~$10.

          The lock I bought looked exactly like the original I removed. I don’t know how I would handle the cabin door, that probably would take more work than I am capable of. But with the door opened up, I assume they used the same style of lock.


        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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