C-340 landing gear door hinge, and fire bottle inspection

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    The piano hinge on the landing gear doors have broken segments, and over all loose. Where can I buy the hinge? The fire bottles are in need of hydrostatic check. Where in the DFW can I take them to get them inspected. A friend in the fire extinguisher business told me of a place to take them, but he passed away, and I have forgotten where to take them. Any help? Thank you


      I called Tom’s Aircraft in Long Beach, California. They have an exchange program for the Fire Bottles. That is a 5 year hydro requirement. They have to be mailed as Hazmat and it becomes expensive both ways.

      After researching fires on 300 and 400 series Cessna engine compartments, I determined it’s not worth the expense to keep the system in my airplane. When they come due again in 3 years I will Form 337 the system out of the airplane. Saves about 12 pounds, and an average of $750 per year in maintenance.

      Keep’em Flying.



        Gmorgan, I found replacement hinges at Aircraft Spruce. They are not some magical hinge, just an ordinary aluminum hinge. They sell different thickness and different widths so measure yours to get the correct size. Buy enough length for two as the other one will probably start breaking soon.


        Thank you for the information on the fire bottles, and hinge replacement. Gerry Morgan

        I found out that the hinges on the gear leg door, are two different part numbers. On the gear leg door the part number can be found in the parts manual under landing gear. The hinge half that attaches to the bottom of the nacelle is found in the parts manual under the nacelle parts. Then there is the hinge pin itself. The hinge doesn’t come predrilled, so it has to be custom fit/drilled. Thanks again for the help. Gerry Morgan


        In my search for a facility to perform hydrostatic checks on my C-340 fire bottles, part number 30111102-1 I found three companies that handle the procedure. safetech-usa.com. They have offices all over the country. Humble, Tx, Dallas, Tx, Indianapolis, In, and Atlanta, Ga. Semcoaerospace.com, and compressedgassystems.com
        I have prices as of Dec 11, 2012; Semco Aerospace $410.00, for hydrostatic, and overhaul. Squibs $538.00. Compressed Gas Sstems $290.00, for hydrostatic, overhaul, and 8130 certification. Squibs not quoted, but indicated additional cost. The transportation of the bottle is hazmat, and is costly.
        Oxygen bottle hydrostatic check at Koetter Fire Protection 10351 Olympia Drive Dallas, Tx 75006 phone 214-358-3593. $15.00

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