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    I am new to the Twin Cessna Flyer and need some information and advise. I am interested in buying a T310R with preferably FIKI or at least deiced. There is a 310 for sale but is missing the hot plate and I was wondering how hard they are to find and how much they cost. I would also like to know what to look for in a 310 as far as maintenance issues or modifications. Any information or advise would be appreciated.



    Hi Robert,

    This is a pretty detailed and complex question as far as what to look for. The best advice I can give is to do a good Prebuy and it’s usually cheaper to find a plane with the avionics you want. I think the RAM upgrades for the plane do help it’s performance and safety, especially short field. You may not care. Just flew a friend’s RAM IV T310R and loved it. Since you said T310R I’m guessing turbo is a requirement. The Colemill 310R is a nice package as well, I liked flying it with 550s.

    The hot plate can be added. There are varying opinions on de-ice vs FIKI, but I personally don’t care so long as I have boots and prop heat. AC is nice to have, especially if you live in a hot climate.

    A good Prebuy will look for the major issues like ADs, corrosion, etc. Depending on your location, there are several good specialty shops that can help.

    Is there a specific reason you’re interested in an R? Just to play devil’s advocate, the N that I fly is a little smaller, but more efficient and more fun. Also, the long nose of an R makes it harder to fit in a hangar length wise and you do pay a price premium. The main benefit is that it is newer and has the nose baggage as well as the hunchback cabin that is a bit bigger.

    If you’d like to chat about it some send me a PM and I’ll give you my phone number.



    Thanks for the information. I live in the Denver area so turbos are very useful. The reason for the R is the nose baggage and some are FIKI equipped. Are the deiced Rs the same as the FIKI except for the hot plate? I don’t know what weight and balance is like in the short nosed 310s, I would normally carry 4 with bags and sometimes golf clubs.



      figure $6K to $10 K for the hot plate if you can find one.


      We have a normally aspirated ’77 310R. Virtually all of our flying is east of the rockies so turbocharging wasn’t a requirement for us. Room, comfort and payload were. When we were looking we found many of the 310Rs and most of the earlier models will have a useful load in the mid 1600 lb range. You’ll need to find one with the Micro VG STC installed to get to the mid 1800 lb useful load range. Mine didn’t have the Micro VGs installed so we had it done when purchasing the airplane. It was about $4k three years ago, but that and a good prebuy/annual from a twin Cessna knowledgeable shop are essential.
      Good luck in your search and welcome to the TTCF ranks!


      I found this place that sells new Hot Plates for C300/400 aircraft.

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