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    Boots on 310Q not inflating when activated. Good suction, blue button light activates when depressed. Any usual suspects?



    Few thoughts:

    1) What condition are the boots in? If they have lots of leaks, they may quit working
    2) Wiring from the relay. I had this issue occur – the output wire broke off the relay. New one is $3,000. I replaced the broken part for $2.97.
    3) Solenoid not working


    Thanks, Ted. Boots are in good condition. Just stopped working one day. I’ll start there.


      The blue light will not illuminate unless you have attained a minimum pressure to the boots (at least that is how my plane is wired). This means that leaking cannot be the issue. Perhaps a blockage? I had leaking boots on the tail, although they would inflate (and the blue light illuminate) moist air was constantly pulled into the system. Once above the freezing level for a period of time the boots would stop working due to ice in the lines. Just a thought….

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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