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    TAS620/G600 install trying to stay away from gray code.

    We’re installing an Avidyne TAS620 using a Garmin GNS 430 as the control unit and initial display unit via RS232. So far, so good. Traffic is displayed correctly on GNS430 when it is taken out of GND mode.

    All CVI laptop tests on TAS unit PASS.

    We’re also attempting to provide the TAS620 with altitude and heading info from the G600’s GDU620 via ARINC 429 and pull ARINC 429 OUT of the TAS620 to display on the GDU620.

    GDU620 429 port 3 (3a and 3b) High speed output General Purpose 1 to the TAS
    TAS 429 TX 1 and 2 to GDU620 429 port 7 (7a and 7b) High speed input TRAFFIC
    GDU620 Traffic configuration set to Avidyne/Ryan
    GDU620 has the most current firmware update

    Traffic page on GDU620 shows TAS Failed, Alerts page shows TAS Failed.
    Data stream for 429 7 IN barely shows any data flow compared to the other 429 INs from the GPS units.

    Confirmed all 4 pins involved have good continuity and are not shorted to ground or other pins.

    Could we be creating a circular argument in the 429 IN and OUT connections of the GDU620 where we’re asking it to provide altitude and heading for the TAS on one channel, and then asking it to display that information as well as traffic through another channel? No warnings or notations against this method in the IM.

    Wiring diagram attached. Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated!


    Answering my own post for the archives…

    My Avidyne dealer is not a Garmin dealer, so, after much frustration, much reading and re-reading all the manuals, a quick call to a dealer tells us that a Garmin dealer must use his configuration card to “unlock and configure” the ARINC 429 and RS232 ports on the GDU620 before it will display the Avidyne traffic.

    And my local dealer won’t be available until after Branson.

    Anyway, I hope this solves the issue. After 3 flights since the install, I’m happy with how the 430 both displays and controls the Avidyne TAS, and I’m sure once the GDU620 is unlocked that I’ll be happy with that as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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