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    In preparation for collecting plane next week with Aspen installed I have been going thru the Sportys video. My plane has 2 Garmin 430s (not WAAS), STEC 55x and now the Aspen PFD. Having watched the training video one thing is causing me a lot of confusion. Will I now have GPSS on both Aspen and STEC and which one do I use. Training instructs you to put STEC in HDG mode for Aspen GPSS to work. This seems weird to me as I have been pressing NAV twice on STEC to get GPSS up till now! The question then arises as to how I fly the autopilot using the heading bug (presumably I disable GPSS on the Aspen and put STEC into HDG mode?) Help!


      Dear Mr Clarkson

      I do not have a stec ap but do have a aspen coupled to a 400b ap in a c340.

      Assuming yours is set up the same you use it as follows:

      Turn on ap
      Select hdg mode
      The hdg bug now steers the plane on what ever heading is selected

      If you want it to follow a gps track or a rnav approach then select gnss steering to the aspen and it will follow the output of the gps selected on the cdi ie gps 1 or gps 2

      I believe the stec gpss is now redundant as all commands are via the heading chanel.

      The only time you don’t select hdg mode is when you want to track a vor or do a ils.

      In this case select nav on the stec and vor 1 or vor 2 on the cdi.

      I hope this helps and someone please correct me if I got the stec part of it wrong.




      Many thanks Geoff. My avionics man has confirmed that the GPSS will be disabled on the STEC.


      Geoff what happens if you have GPSS on, on PFD and NAV on autopilot? Thanks Dave


        Dear Dave

        If the Aspen is not in heading mode then what ever you tell it to do will not occur as it is the link to the ap.

        In your example you have ap in nav mode which means it will track the vor. Pushing gpss on the aspen will not change anything as the ap is not in heading.

        Maybe you could email me and we could organise a time talk it through which would be much easier to explain.



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