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    Aspen Avionics – have a C414A Chancellor and thinking about putting Evolution series into panel. Would appreciate any comments plus or minus on the idea and what an install might cost. Thanks, Jon


    Hi Jon,

    I have had the PFD in my 340 for a couple of years and like it. I would never swap it back to the way it was with the old instruments.

    You can find some of the other discussions here –

    I did not have any issues with the installation, but, I was an early adopter and needed to resolve issues with software updates. But after about V3 software, it worked fine and continues that way.


    quote JGILBERT:

    Aspen Avionics – have a C414A Chancellor and thinking about putting Evolution series into panel. Would appreciate any comments plus or minus on the idea and what an install might cost. Thanks, Jon

    I had one in my T210 and liked it. I will probably put one in my 421 eventually as well – The G600 is nice, but it’s a lot more expensive and requires major panel surgery.



    I installed the 1000 Pro in my 340A one year ago and so far it has worked as advertised. The installed cost was around the $13,500.00 mark. I would do it again.


    We are very happy with the Aspen in our 310. Right now it’s a single unit, but one part that’s nice with it is that you can add multiples as your budget allows. The redundancy with it is quite attractive if you have the two or three units installed.

    Flying with it is a joy. It really is a well thought out unit. As far as reliability goes, I’m not sure if it’s as good as a Garmin yet, but the price and failure modes of it I find to make up for that.


      I have a twin-screen Aspen setup in my 310. Wonderful improvement. Double batteries, double AHRS. The screens are small compared to G1000, etc. but that is really a good thing: reduced scan, etc. Great value. Aspen is a great company, too. You won’t be dissapointed.

      Only thing I would do different is get the larger battery so that the second screen becomes the approved backup; good bye standby gyros!

      Joe Grimes



      I also have the PFD 1000 in my 310 and love it. The unit is very easy to use once you get acclimated to it and, as noted, you can add MFDs as your budget allows. I would also strongly suggest the Synthetic Vision if you move forward. Definitely worth the extra $3k.

      Now, would I trade it for the G500 with SV or G600? Sure. But, again, the cost and “Panel Surgery” are notably more. So, for a nice three panel layout (i.e., the Aspen Evolution 2500), it’s a pretty nice set-up for the money.

      At the end of the day, it probably boils down to preference and $$$. But, I agree that you will not go wrong with an Aspen. Solid product and great company to do business with.

      Good luck!




      If you go with Aspen, one other suggestion is to use the flush mount kit. Makes the unit(s) “blend in” so much nicer in relation to all of the other instruments on the panel. That’s what I did and it looks great!

      Again, best of luck with this decision.



      Two things I learned at Sun n Fun about Aspen:

      1) Synthetic vision is not yet available for the Apen for heavier airplanes (there’s a term for this and I’ve forgotten it – basically heavier planes need a different level of certification for the software). The 421 fits into this category, so I’m assuming the 414 does as well.

      2) Aspen is working on a 4″ version of their instrument. I know in my panel that would look great and replace the 4″ gyros I have. I’ll likely wait for this version before I upgrade (assuming my AI and HSI last that long!).

      I had an Aspen in my T210 and loved it.



        You are looking for “Class III” aircraft over 6k pounds.


        I spoke with a Bonanza owner that had the PFD with synthetic vision. He said the SV was all over the place on turbulent approaches, so he ended up keeping it off most of the time. I think he regretted upgrading to synthetic vision after he had the chance to use it.


        Wow! First I’ve heard of that issue, Tom. Bummer! Hope they get that bug fixed soon or a lot of the economical advantages that Aspen has over Garmin will go right out the window! Troy


        That’s the first I’ve heard as well. I’ll have to ask one of my friends about that. He has an Aspen with SV and flies in bad weather whenever there’s bad weather to fly in.


        I am curious what others say about the synthetic vision, since this (the guy I talked to) was only one opinion.


        I also have had the synthetic vision since it came out. I have a 310R and have unfortunately been in some pretty turbulent weather at times and have not had an issue with the synthetic vision in my Aspens! Not sure why the synthetic vision would be the primary concern in that situation though. I normally don’t focus on it that much anyway. Does it move around some in turbulence? Yea, hope so cause the plane is too!
        Perhaps your friend had a bad install, (he shouldn’t be flying a toy Bonanza anyway) GRIN!!!! So far I have been very impressed with Aspen and their effort to take care of customers. Fly safe. Hope this helps.


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