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    My 310R is in for it’s “IFR Check”. I have been told that my electric “Drum type” altimeter is out of spec. The altitudes during the calibrated checks are not acceptable. I am also told that the encoder is not working properly and does not correlate close enough to the real altitude.
    My plane has a 400B with the altitude preselect and IFCS.
    I have been told that I need an overhauled electric drum altimeter with encoder. I was quoted about $3,100 to $3,400 for the altimeter. Does this seem about right? Thanks for any feedback.


    Sounds like you have an aerosonic altimeter and a blind encoder. I have no idea why you are being told that the aerosonic must be overhauled, there may be a good reason that I am not familiar with. Anyway, I have a 400B with IFCS but no pre-select, and use a standard altimeter and blind encoder. Now that I think of it, the pre-select may be the answer regarding the need to overhaul your present altimeter.

    If you must overhaul your present unit, check with Porter-Strait in Tulsa at 918-838-8711, I have had good experiences with these folks and the price was better than most.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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