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    I recently installed Air Wolf Air/Oil Seperators on our new to us C-310F.

    Before they were installed, there was quite a bit of oil coming from the breather tubes on each engine after each flight. Although oil quantity was never an issue, and I realize that a small amount of oil (like blood) can look like more than it really is, I installed the Air Wolfs to mitigate this annoyance.

    My mechanic who installed the units said that the STC paperwork doesn’t show any diagrams or installation instructions for the 310. One possibility we are investigating is that the breather tube from the Air Wolf may extend to close to the slipstream under the wing causing a vacuum from the seperator. Oil quantity after flights are normal (virtually little or no oil usage), but there is still a lot of oil under the wing and on the gear doors after landing.

    My questions to the TTCF are:

    Has anybody else had this type of problem?
    What was your solution?
    Does anyone have an specific installation data I can forward to my mechanic?
    Are there any 310 specific parts needed to be installed that we are not aware of?

    When I get home after being away for a few days, I’ll try to post some pictures of the install.

    Any information or assistance would be appreciated.





    We installed these units on our 310 early on to help with the same issue. Ours was focused on the left engine, where we were getting a noticeable amount of oil out of the breather after a flight, albeit small amount reduced.

    For about 150 hours, this did the trick. After that, the oil was back and kept getting worse. Ultimately, the rings on the left engine were bad and getting worse. Although oil consumption was still good and compressions were legal, they were low. I recall 45 or 51/80 as the lowest we saw at some point. The right engine fared better, I think because it ran cooler typically.

    New engines, same setup, not a drop of oil out of the breather, or out of the engines for that matter.

    How old are your engines? Compressions? Etc


      Butch, don’t expect miracles from an Air Wolf. I think there is a lots of hype and not too much reality, especially with wet vacuum pumps which I assume you have. If you have mid to high time engines and wet pumps, live with the oil.

      quote RWELSH:

      Butch, don’t expect miracles from an Air Wolf. I think there is a lots of hype and not too much reality, especially with wet vacuum pumps which I assume you have. If you have mid to high time engines and wet pumps, live with the oil.

      I had the same experience, wet pumps and big bore Coni’s just blow bye some oil. I spent a fair chunk of change for Air Wolf’s on my 414 to make it quit and it was a good tax write-off but that was about it. Their install directions are very poor as you have found out.
      Just call it your gear corrosion prevention system and try to not let it bother you at night. 😀


      We have dry pumps on the 310. Don’t know about Butch’s 310.


      Have put the Air Wolf system on 310R with wet vac. system and it did very little to help the problem. Lived with it until engine replacement , removed the Air Wolfs, went with original system and still have the problem. Don’t like it but with the wet vacs that is what you get.


      An update on our Airwold Air/Oil Seperators:

      The right engine after only a few hours seems to have drastically reduced oil coming out of the breather tubes.

      The left engine is still spitting a good bit of oil that pools in the aft fairing between the wing and the fuselage inboard of the flap. The oil quantity on the right engine has stabilized between 8-9 qts, but the left engine is using about 1 qt of oil every 4-6 hours. It looks worse than it is, but still annoying.

      I do have wet pumps, but the only thing they are connected to are the air/oil seperators. All vacuum instruments have been removed. One mechanic say I have to keep the vacuum pumps, one says I can remove them and make the seperators a passive system like on my previous Mooney.

      The real problem is that the engines have not been flown enough for literally the last 20+ years. The engines only have 400/700 hrs SMOH and only 400 total time in the last 23 years. The previous owner had the airplane for 6 years and accumulated 100 hours total. From Nov 11 – Dec 12, he logged 11.6 hrs on the Hobbs.

      So I am going to fly the airplane a lot, get to 25-30 hrs on the oil, change the oil to Phillips 20W/50, use Camguard (already in both engine cases now) and recheck in 25-50 hours. Hopefully the rings will seat on the left engine, oil consumption and venting will decrease and I can concentrate on flying the new instrument panel to Key West, the Bahamas and the southeast US.

      Any other sage advice out there would be appreciated.




      Has anyone installed the Air Wolf sep’s on a 421?


      I had a B55 Baron a long time ago and would get the same oil my 421 gets but I just lengthened the overboard and relocated it a few inches and problem solved, everything dry. Never have done that with the 421 but I think that’s all someone needs to come up with. For now I will just throw away more rags.


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