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    Two buddies of mine and our sons (between 9 & 10) typically do an annual Dads/Sons fall football trip. Two years ago we went to Lincoln, NE in the 210 to watch Nebraska/OU, and last year we went to A&M/OU (one of the Dads is a big OU fan). This year the only weekend we had free was this past one, and we decided to go to South Bend to watch Notre Dame / Navy.

    When it started raining in St. Louis on Wednesday and it looked like Game 6 was going to be postponed it dawned on me that Game 7 was going to pushed to Friday and St Louis is on the way to South Bend. The e-mails started flying and we grabbed 6 seats together in the first row of an upper section and rooted (traitorously) for the Cardinals on Thursday.

    Friday afternoon we got the kids early from school, headed to the airport, and fired up the 421 for the 2:20 trip to KCPS. After a cab snafu we got to the hotel (Hilton Ballbark) dropped our bags and hustled over to the stadium to watch the Cards thoroughly whip the Rangers. Oh well…

    After watching the bedlam from our hotel that evening and getting a few hours of sleep, we headed to South Bend the next morning. Had a great time watching Notre Dame kill Navy (and the F18 fly over was cool too) and wandering the campus.

    After dinner, sleep, and breakfast we left South Bend on a chilly morning and headed to Gaston’s in AR for lunch (we landed at BPK and got the shuttle). Fun time as always at Gaston’s and then headed back home.

    What a great and special weekend. A perfect example of how GA travel can make things happen.



      A couple of us flew to Lincoln this year to watch my NU Wildcats beat the Huskers. I say to anyone who asks me about it that Lincoln is the best place to watch a sporting event I’ve ever been. The fans are without a doubt the most polite people I’ve ever encountered. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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