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    Robert, Eric, or any other members that might have an answer for me. Ijust put my co pilot
    flight director in the shop for repairs and other wiring in the panel . It’s all open and a mess
    so I thought this would be a good time to install a GPS- S for the 800b autopilot. However;
    my avionics guy say the GPS-S stc does not include the 800b ap. It is approved for the 400b

    the only difference between the unit is minor such as 4″ equipment vs 3”. his concern is
    if he were to install it future problems that may arise.
    What have others done in this situation ? The panel has both a530 g and a430g both are wass.
    By the way to repair the 4” flight director head was $4000little steep I thought.
    thanks gthornton


    Which GPSS unit? There are two plus the Aspen (Icarus is one and I can’t remember the other offhand).

    For a $4k overhaul on the 4″ ADI I would have bitten the bullet and put in an Aspen which has GPSS… Pretty sure (but not positive) that it’s certified with the 800B IFCS.

    GPSS systems just mimic the heading bug on the HSI, so it shouldn’t matter which size HSI it’s on. Sounds like one of those things I’d just measure the HSI incorrectly, call it close enough to the right size, and install the GPSS anyway.



    4000 k is high, I got a $2000 quote for ADI overall about 6 months ago (from some one). Turned out it was the AP computer and an amazing $397 bucks to fix! (Thanks Autopilot Central!) You could have probably sold the HSI core and the working attitude indicator and been flat with a Aspen (not including install)

    Agree that the HSI signal is simple and not related to 800B vs 400B. From a paperwork perspective though, there is a lot of reluctance from shops to look past that stuff in an 8 seat pressurized twin.

    I would look for a shop that has done it and is comfortable with it.


    quote GTHORNTON:

    … my avionics guy say the GPS-S stc does not include the 800b ap. It is approved for the 400b

    This may not be of any help but here is a configuration table that depicts the P/Ns for the 400B and 800B autopilots and supports your position that it is only a difference in displays. Since the GPSS heading data is sent to the CA-550 there is no difference. You might check with one of the shops that has done an installation recently and see what they did for approval. Bob Weber at Mayday Avionics just completed an installation that included a G600 (GPSS) in a C425 that probably had your same configuration ( or maybe that was a 1000-series autopilot).


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