’74 T-310Q II for sale

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    If you sell it, what are going to fly?


    Sandy, looking at T210’s and …. Mooney 20K Rocket.


    Good luck selling it, Rich. 🙂


    Thanks, Ted. I’m talking to a guy who is interested in trading a Mooney, but he’s asking way too much for it.

    Just got off the phone with Avemco. Surprisingly (to me), A T210 will cost more to insure than our 310. Mooneys are much cheaper. Sounds like the gear is the issue…

    I’ll get the fresh 3rd class in June, do the tops and fly on at 55% power 8)


    Yeah, the T-210 gear has been a trouble spot on it. Also they may have a higher engine failure rate – think that folks tend to run the engines harder than typical twin owners do and so they suffer more failures. Given that you have lots of twin time you’re probably a very low risk criteria in the 310.

    I know you’ve mentioned that you don’t run LOP, but if you’re interested in converting to the dark side to help reduce your operating costs, I’d be glad to give you some pointers from the perspective of an engineer (and pilot) who used to run these engines on dynos with full instrumentation for a living. In the 400ish hours prior to overhaul we figured that LOP saved us about $16,000. That paid for a lot towards the new engines. 🙂

    quote TDUPUIS:

    Yeah, the T-210 gear has been a trouble spot on it.

    The gear in the later 210’s are rock solid with a little maintenance and rigging. I had my T210 for 6 years and never had any issues with the gear at all.

    FYI, my old 210 may be on the market soon, but it will likely list for >$150k (1980, known ice, radar, AC, Aspen, great paint, OK interior). If you’re interested I can put you in touch with the current owner.

    I loved my 210 and miss the fuel and maintenance bills, but the 421 meets my current mission better and the family LOVES the ride in the back!



    Thx, Robert, I’ll keep that in mind should the 310 be sold.


    There is a bargain Rocket on ebay for around 80k. I owned Mooneys before I started flying twin Cessnas. If you can handle the size, they are great planes. Other than the tanks, compared to a twin Cessna they cost nothing to operate. A small repair in the twin cost 1-2k and you might spend that all year in a Mooney. If you can spend the cash a TLS is very nice.
    Good luck,


    Thanks, Sandy!


    Update, it’s a buyer’s market! Price reduced, medical issues…



    That’s quite a deal, Rich. I wish I knew someone who was in the market for such a bird.

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