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    My friend flew the ’55 310 down to Florida for a vacation with his wife. This morning after departing to fly home he was getting aileron flutter that was visible looking out the window and could be felt in shaking through the yoke. It decreased as he slowed down. Had a safe landing but is now trying to figure out what’s wrong.

    The shop thinks it’s loose cables, but haven’t checked. We’re wondering if there are other possibilities that might be simpler. The cable tension is a pain to adjust. Obviously if it needs to be done then it needs to be done, but before they spend a bunch of money on something that isn’t the problem, wondering about other ideas.


      Landing lights?

      Keep’em Flying



        Does a 310 have aileron trim? I had elevator flutter in a Baron once due to too much play in the trim tabs.


        So far, following things noted:

        – Landing lights were down when this happened. The ’55 has huge landing lights in-line with the aileron trim tab
        – Tension on cables was 2 lbs. Spec is 25 lbs
        – Aileron trim tab does have a bit of play

        First two have been corrected. Third will be looked at. Likely a combination of the few that caused the issue. Planning on flying home tomorrow. Poor guy has to spend another night in Florida on vacation with his wife. Not a bad side effect from a maintenance issue. 🙂


        So far so good, first leg down. Seems like the issue has been resolved. Thanks for the responses.

        Doug Deno
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          Landing lights?

          Keep’em Flying


          I am browsing old posts just to learn.. and this got me laughing… you only do this once LOL. Before I replaced my nose taxi bulb with a good LED bulb I was taxing with one landing lite out.. I used it to get to the lit taxiway and than clicked it off but left it out because I planned on turning it back on for takeoff. Well I think I forgot to turn it on and forgot I left it out…. and with only one side out and the other lite retracted, it got the yoke acting funny LOL , this happened at nite so I couldnt see anything out the window but felt like I had a control problem.. until I looked at the panel trying to figure out what was causing the shakin. Thats when I noticed my landing lite was hanging out.. I was below the 160 speed limitation.. I think thats what it is, but as soon as I tucked the lite in all was normal.

          Good stuff in these arkives

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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