421C-W Removal of Micro VG’s

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    Today we are removing the VG’s from our C421C-W as in talking to Ram they do not use a full wing VG system in Wingletted 421’s. Ram uses only vertical stabilizer VG’s and wing root VG’s and they are different from Micro’s. In fact I believe having the Micro VG’s and the winglets is effectively an experimental a/c as neither has been certified with the other. In reality it doesn’t matter probably. We did have some discussion of whether to leave the wing root and tail VG’s on from the Micro installation and decided against that as well as they are a different design than Ram’s.

    The winglets alone give us a 150lb gross weight increase and the VG’s do not add another 100lb to that. I believe they probably hurt airspeed due to the drag component and we will soon find out and of course let you guys know.



    217KTS at FL 240 and 39GPH ROP not LOP. Maybe overall about 5 KTS more. Less change lower and higher power settings. Angle of attack makes the difference. That was at 1750 and 30″. A/C climbs 1000 FPM 130 KTS at 7.5 degrees pitch up 35″ and 1900. It seemed that was more like 10 degrees and 120 KTS before. Flight was difficult on account of turbulence.

    Typical before was 32.5″ and 1750 @ FL 200 and 206-209KTS @ 42 GPH. We didn’t do much higher as it did not seem to make a difference. Due to weather we didn’t try old power settings as we were pretty much forced up to FL 240 to top weather.

    Need more trim up for takeoff, that was noticeable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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