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    I am writing to see what members have been paying for labor, core, accessories, and basically the total out of pocket expense for overhauls on their 414 and 421s.

    I am putting this into the Buying a Twin Cessna Forum as I think it would serve as a good resource for people interested to see what kind of maintenance allotment they will need for these things. It doesn’t matter if it was new, factory OH, OH by a well known shop, or even you local mechanic. Just trying to see the spread.



    I just put a Ram engine on my 421 and it cost me my 1st born, one arm and both legs. Actually, it cost around 65-67k installed. Around 13 years ago, I had Gann Aviation re-build my TSIO-520 with new cylinders and a new crank and it cost me around 22k, which was a deal back then. I talked to him last year and I think he would build it for around 30-32k today. I was very happy with his work. If interested give Carlos a call at 706-638-3034.


    We had quotes from Triad in Burlington NV for 36K for GTSIO.


    Last summer when I was looking at a crack in my 421 case, I had a quote for an engine from RAM in the box ready to ship. Installed price from the shop was $72,000.

    Sure seems like quite a spread for a non-RAM overhaul. Is there really double the value in a RAM engine?

    It would probavly be difficult to collect accurate data, but I would be curious as the likelihood of getting to TBO, or the necessitiy of pre-TBO major work (cylinder, head, case) in RAM versus non-RAM engines.

    RAM engines seem to command a premium in the resale process.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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