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    I have a “Little Sherman”. It is a tow bar and quite powerful. My ramp has a slight grade, maybe 2 or 3 percent. From a structural standpoint, is it wise to push a 340 up the grade? Or is it best for that nose wheel to be pulled up the hill. How about going down the hill? Thanks for your help. Mark


    I cant answer with structural authority but I prefer to push mine up a small grade with the tug attached. My reasoning is more to do with a fear the tug will pop off the front wheel though. I have a chock handy just in case and i figure it’ll be easier to stop it rolling towards me than away from me. I’m guessing even my best landings are putting more stress on the front wheel than anything i can do with the tug. I’m more worried about the lateral limits on the nose gear when pushing the plane around.


      Mark, tell us about the new 340. Did Tom’s do you right on the annual and flap repair?
      Dick Welsh


      Thanks for the help. I know I can get better traction pushing up the hill but there is no way I could stop it if it was rolling at me. And I am not yet the owner so I can’t give you any details. Mark


      I have a 340 and for the last 5 years have been pushing it up a ramp into my hanger with a powered tow, originally 4 hp but changed to a 5.5 hp honda engine by my mechanic. It has worked well. Paint stripes on the ramp are very useful to avoid tip tank dings. Ice and snow are infrequent here in Virginia Beach but a chain option may be needed in colder climes. Recommend: pull out , push up.


      G, Thanks. I am almost sure you tried it the other way so I will take you at your word it’s the best way. Chains will be great until I get to the nice hangar floor. Guess I’ll figure it out. Mark

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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