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    OK y’all……For the life of me I can’t find the tire pressure info for my 310. It has Flight Custom III tires on the nose and mains. HELP !


    Most POH’s will have tire pressure in the service and handling section towards the end of book. You will probably want to fix this if it is not in there!

    Here is a goodyear pdf for flight customs http://www.goodyearaviation.com/resources/pdf/db_airdatabook.pdf

    It says the rated inflation is 60psi on 6.50-10 6ply and 29psi on 6.00-6 4ply but I would follow my POH first I think. I thought most 310’s called for 40psi on the nose.



    Thanks…..I found a service manual and the pressures are as you said……40 in the nose and 60 in the mains…..I thought mine looked a little low and it turns out I was right. Had just 22 in the nose ! This is turning out to be a lot of fun just figuring out this stuff.



      Getting out of an Airliner and into a General Aviation airplane is like learning how to fly all over again. Isn’t it great?

      Welcome back to “Real” flying. The fun is just beginning.

      Keep’em Flying



      Yep, 40 is the number to go for on the nose. Tony wrote up about this not long ago, and I think said that it used to be 22 on older models, but got changed to 40 after a number of issues with nosehweels becoming unseated on landing.

      We have a little Harbor Freight compressor (was about $50) in the hangar to make it easy to check and fill the tires.


      Pmcnamee…..I miss the 737 big time….but I really get a kick out of my 310 ! I flew the 737 for 21 years ! That’s a lot of time in one type of plane. Kinda got really comfortable with it……


      I haven’t missed the 121 flying at all. The trick was realizing that it will all kill ya 🙂

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