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    Been working the 310Q, and playing with single engine performance.
    critical engine out, what MP is the sim setting at blue line?
    I’m using 11 or 12″ and performance doesn’t seem to mimic when I shut engine down and feather.
    thanks in advance.


    BTW, when I feather the critical engine at DA 3500′, 800 lbs under gross, 65 deg, i can only climb 200’/min, maybe, blue line.
    Using MP 12″, i’m seeing closer to 100″/min, about.
    Do others get this kind of performance in the 310Q?


    2 or 3-bladed props? That would make a difference.

    I’ve been using ~15″ with 3-bladed props on the 310N with IO-520s, and that seems to provide about accurate climb rates.


    It’s 3 blades, IO470’s, 310Q
    Nice ride.
    If u’r using 15″ MP to simulate a feathered prop, then I’m way underpowering her.
    I guess the best test would be to try both on the same day, but as the weather cools down, i’ll be less like to shut down engines, especially someone else’s plane. Summers are best for that.
    Thanks, good luck gettin ur’s back up..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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