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    My wife is a professional photographer (as well as my favorite pilot) and is always snapping great photos. Today my 17-month old helped me tug the 310 to the pumps and back to get it topped off and ready for the trip to Mexico on Thursday, and got a couple of pictures of the tug in process. Thought I’d share.


    I think you have a new avitar picture! Besides, I’m sick of looking at snow! LOL 🙂


    But I like my snow picture! It was fun landing on ice! 🙂


      Nice. Thanks for sharing.


      We should do some formation photos.

      quote MHangen1:

      We should do some formation photos.

      Definitely. I’ve been wanting some good in-flight photos of the plane.


        Formation? Now that sounds like something we can do at the convention! Who has experience? I’m ex-USAF.


          A friend and I did some formation-for-photos a few years ago, one pilot experienced and one not. On that occasion we set one aircraft up on autopilot (inexperienced pilot with camera) and experienced-but-rusty pilot (me) on the wing. Just some straight and level, on-the-wing kind of stuff. Not too close. Worked ok, to a fashion. First time I had done any formation in decades. Using the camera-zoom made this tolerable. Maybe something similar to this would work, but with two people in each aircraft, one pilot and one camera. It’s always good to remember the country western lyric: “I’m not the man I never was.”

          FYI: It always takes a lot of throttle movement to hold very close position. Now that I was flying an airplane I pay for (as opposed to some of Uncle Sam’s toys), that constant “walking” of the throttle was uncomfortable. And that was me flying an a/c with a carbureted M470. I can’t image the distress someone in a geared-engine aircraft would have. Moving out to a looser position reduced the throttle work some.

          I didn’t read the whole text but the formation-reference looked like a good one.


          I would love to have an aerial shot of my 310. Hope we can get it done. I haven’t done any formation flying since my beech 18 freight days. We used to do it coming back into KFTW, sometimes three at a time. Did some crazy things when I was younger…. 😕


          I’d be up for it. I could always see if my wife was interested in doing plane-to-plane photo shoots during the convention, although I’m guessing the convention already has an official photographer.

        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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