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    I got an estimate today for 70-80 hours to install all 4 bladders. This is way over what I have been told by other owners. Anyone have experience with this? He did mention they re-tape the wing where the bladders go.


    We had the aux bladders replaced as part of our pre-buy/annual, That was 3 1/2 years ago. The seller paid for the replacement (an air worhtiness item). It was a $10K bill for parts & labor. Yes, they did retape the wing structure in the bladder area.


    I’m having an aux tank bladder replaced by Tony at TAS in August.

    Bladder cost $800, labor 8 hours, on a 1961 310F.



      Depending on the year and model, some of the bladders are a nightmare to R&R. If you have four, then the inboard bladders are hard to R&R because the bladder is so thin in that area it is hard to get your hands in there to do the snaps and tape. Besides the fuel sensors are very hard to deal with on the inboard bladders. 70 to 80 hours seems a bit much, but I wouldn’t do it for less then 40 hours and 50 hours on a bid.


      1980 R model. Aux tanks are 31.5 gal.
      So is it a good idea to replace the fuel sensors? The current ones are not even close.


      Hi, I think you have Bobby Town’s 310…I know Brad Biggers and have a Q model I bought from Bobby a few years ago. I would strongly recommend you call Steve Foster. He has done an excellent job maintaining my 310 for the past 4 years and is about a 45-60 minute flight from you (us). I just got mine back from annual yesterday, and as usual, Steve went above and beyond on the annual from a thoroughness and trying to save cost perspective. It would be at least worth giving him a call. He has done several bladders and tapes too.


      Shelby Jett


      Yes I bought Bobby’s 310 and I will call Steve on Monday. He was the mechanic on my 310 up until the last year and comes highly recommended from a couple different sources. I actually just got home from a trip to NC and grabbed my log books to find Steve’s last name because I couldn’t remember it. Thanks Shelby.


      My A&P and I changed all 4 bladders in my 310r a couple years ago .. 800$ x4 for the bladders sounds right. I am pretty sure we got it done in less than 40 man hours. The worst part is getting the hardened bladders disconnected and out… Dealing with all the fittings and sensors. You have to take a lot of time to clean out each well and then tape it back up. The new bladders go in fast because they are pliable. Make sure you get a ten year warranty from eagle aviation is where I got mine


      I had all 4 done by Steve Foster. It took 40 hours with minimal extras, of which i am used to getting many. The gauges are actually working and not a drop is leaking.


      Thanks for the update, because even though TAS is doing my aux tank bladder, it’s nice to know a good mechanic who’s proficient in fuel system repair not quite so far away from Florida.


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