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    Has anyone put 3 bladed McCauley props on a 310J? The original props were 2 bladed, but 3 bladed props from 310L and later will bolt on.

    Type Certificate only calls for McCauley D2AF34C65 or 81 with 84JF-3 blades

    Does anyone have one time STC for 3 bladed props on the IO-470U that can be used as approved data?

    Trying to straighten out some paperwork on an aircraft that has mods.


    If the TCDS calls it out, all that’s required is a logbook entry. No STC needed.

    Hartzell and McCauley I believe also have STCs for 3-bladed props of a newer design, so does MT. Personally I would like to see an STC with schimitar design or one of those newer paddle-style props. Looks cooler, quieter, more efficient.


    I should have been more specific that the 2 bladed props are listed for the 310J model, and 3 bladed props for the later models.
    I was under the impression that the listed props are specific to the each 310 model. Does the TCDS for later models allow for retrofit to earlier models? Specifically, does a conformity check for a J model that has Q model props need a Form 337 for the change? Is additional data besides the TCDS needed?

    Thanks for the input.



    Hi, Mike…

    The “K” model was the first 310 to be certified with either a 2- or 3-bladed propeller, both of which are listed on the Type Certificate Data Sheet. Your “J” model only lists the D2AF34C65/C81 propellers as eligible for installation. Any other type of propeller must be installed in accordance with approved data contained within a Supplemental Type Certificate or under a Field Approval where the data is approved by the FAA. Both types of installation approvals must be recorded on an FAA Form 337.

    If you have “Q” props on your “J” airplane, you would either need to find some approved data or remove those propellers and install the model that is listed in the TCDS.

    Brian Ingraham


    I had a similar problem on a previous airplane, the props were 3 bladed Black Mac installed after a gear up landing under an STC but I didn’t have the paperwork.

    I called McCauley and they said for $300 they would send me the STC paperwork. Not cheap but a lot cheaper than taking off props.

    Call McCauley, I bet they have a copy of the STC, for a price.

    Good luck.


    P.S. For your fuel tank issue, call Tony at TAS Aviation, I’m sure he can give you the info you need on the tank/STC.

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