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    I am in the process of replacing my master brake cylinders. Does anyone happen to know who the manufacturer might have been? It almost has to be Cleveland or Gerdes. The service manual, nor the parts manual tells the make or model; only a part number, other than Goodyear for the brakes. The Cessna part number through a cessna center is $1760. Preferred has it for $1046, which is still outrageous.

    I called cleveland and sent them pics, but have not heard back from them yet. I tried the Cleveland 10-35; but the bottom connection is drilled inline with the fitting; and is a tab connection. It needs to be a complete round connection with a 90′ cross drill.

    Any help or advise would be appreciated.


      Why are you replacing the master cylinders? The only reason to replace them is if the inside cylinder is scored and keeps chewing up o’rings. The master cylinders should last indefinitely with just o’ring replacement. Do you have other problems with them?


      A master cylinder should last the life of the aircraft provided there is no damage or unusual wear. Typically, new o-rings and a new lock-o-seal will cure most problems. I have, however, seen the top cap worn in the area of the pushrod bore. There is no o-ring here and fluid can leak out under certain conditions. This wear is usually the result of a side load on the pushrod. This could be the result of improperly installed or damaged mechanisms just forward of the rudder/brake pedal. The cylinder caps are available as individual parts. Not cheap, but far less than a complete new master cylinder. I would totally disassemble the master cylinder, and only replace worn or damaged parts. Also, check the pedal return springs. I have found a lot of them broken. This allows the pedal to tilt forward under its own weight and put a constant load on the brake cylinder. This situation can also result in a dragging brake. Good luck.


      I need to replace these partas on my Cleveland right brake master cylinder: 095-02600 (STAT-O-SEAL) and 101-50337 (SEAL O-RING).

      Does anybody here know a place to order them and have them sent ASAP? Can’t find them.


        Try SkyGeek http://www.skygeek.com or Yingling as they both have them in stock and can ship today if you hurry.

        quote RWELSH:

        Try SkyGeek http://www.skygeek.com or Yingling as they both have them in stock and can ship today if you hurry.

        Thanks! Will try.

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