Ttcf’s 2024
Fly-In Convention

May 1st - May 5th | St. Augustine, Florida

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Located in the vibrant heart of downtown St. Augustine, the resort offers an array of outstanding amenities for you and your family to enjoy. Dive into relaxation with a sparkling outdoor pool, entertain yourselves in the games room, enjoy the on-site dining facilities, and challenge yourself on an award-winning golf course.

The Preferred FBO At Jacksonville Executive (Craig) Airport (KCRG)

Keynote Speaker

Heather "Lucky" Penney

This year we are all very lucky (pun incoming) to have Maj. Heather “Lucky” Penney as this year’s keynote speaker. Most widely recognized for her service on September 11, Heather “Lucky” Penney is a renowned speaker on topics ranging from personal courage; citizenship; decision-making under stress; leadership; organizational transformation; inclusivity; high-performance teams; national defense issues; and aviation.

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This year’s lineup of speakers and presenters at our Fly-In Convention is shaping up to be one of the best we’ve had in the 10 years of doing this event. We’ve been working hard since last year’s event to bring together a program that is a mix of our popular traditional speakers as well as new speakers who are bringing a new perspective on things.

Tony Saxton

It wouldn’t be a convention without Tony presenting a deep dive on maintenance issues. This is consistently rated as one of our top presentations during the convention and over the years Tony has presented on everything from heater safety and exhaust AD Note explanations, to Twin Cessna history. This year we are looking forward to seeing what Tony has in store, and if you’ve never attended the event, you’ll be sure to be in for a treat!

Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb, better known as “Jimmy’s World”, is a YouTube sensation in the aviation community. He’s well known for his work in saving aircraft that have been presumed to be headed to the junkyard. One such airplane is a 1955 Cessna 310 that Jimmy has restored and still flies today. He’ll be joining the event for a fun informal conversation on his experiences as well as for late-night bourbon and cigars!

EriK Eliel

Erik Eliel, founder and president of Radar Training International, has been involved in aviation since 1979. His earliest years as a professional aviator were as an Air Force pilot flying the T-38, C-141, and the U-2. His interest with radar began in 1991 while flying airlift and transport missions to Europe, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Thomas Turner

Tom Turner has been a regular attendee at our convention and always does a fantastic job of bringing flight safety and operational safety to the forefront for our attendees. He is one of the world’s best flight instructors and serves as the Executive Director of the American Bonanza Society’s Air Safety Foundation. Tom always gives us a lot to think about when it comes to making sure we’re flying twin engine aircraft safely!

Peter Basile

Peter Basile is a Senior Air Safety Investigator with Textron Aviation. He is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri where he earned his Master of Science degree in Aviation Safety. He began his career with Cessna in 2001 as a Manufacturing Engineer supporting the Citation Bravo (550) and Citation Encore (560) production lines. Beginning in 2003, he worked on the Citation Mustang (510) from the prototype phase through certification.

featured Presentations

Can’t Miss Presentations for Conquest Owners:

Pratt & Whitney manufactures the renowned PT6A turboprop engine utilized in almost all turboprop aircraft… including the Cessna 425 – Conquest I.

We’re proud to have Pratt & Whitney in attendance this year to talk to our Conquest owners about the things they can do as owners to best take care of their engines and some of the important signs to look out for. If you own a 425 or are interested in the famous PT6A engine, this will be a great new speaking addition to this years event.

Yingling is one of the oldest Cessna service centers and partners in the country. Located on the same field as Cessna Aircraft (now Textron Aviation), Yingling has long been a leading MRO for all Cessna aircraft… specifically the Conquest I and Conquest II aircraft.

We’re excited to have them as part of the event this year and they will be speaking about the specifics of how to maintain your 425 and 441 aircraft. Specifically diving into some of the recent updates in parts availability, as well as better understanding the SID program and phase inspections for your aircraft.

Jerry Griffith is renowned and experienced aircraft broker primarily focusing on the Conquest I and II. If you own a Conquest, you probably worked with Jerry to purchase it or bought if from him.

Jerry is going to join us this year to discuss some of the key aspects to remember when purchasing any aircraft, but specifically a Conquest and ensuring you understand what to look for and the items to avoid that not everyone may know. Jerry is a great resource and we are lucky to have him in attendance this year!

Featured Add-Ons

Radar Course with Erik Eliel

Wednesday, May 1st, 10AM - 5PM


Wednesday, May 1st, 9:45AM - 3:30PM

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