Information for Prospective Twin Cessna Owners

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Specific Twin Cessna Model Information

Cessna 303

Cessna 310

Cessna 320

Cessna 335/340

Cessna 401/402 - Under Construction

Cessna 411 - Under Construction

Cessna 414

Cessna 421

Thinking of Buying a Twin Cessna?

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Additional Information by Twin Cessna Flyer on the Aviation Consumer Survey:

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The Twin Cessna Flyer Advisory Board

TTCF board members can advise based on considerable 'real-life' exposure to our membership base.

Bob Thomason
Taking the helm in 2010, Bob is President the The Twin Cessna Flyer and editor of the monthly magazine. He has owned and operated Twin Cessna's for over 15 years: first a T310R, then a 1980 421C (which he utilized in a Part 135 charter operation) and now a 1983 Cessna T303 Crusader which he uses on TTCF and personal business. Bob has an ATP and approximately 7,000 hours flight time. He is based in Charlotte, NC. Contact Bob at or 1-877-977-3246.

Larry A. Ball
Larry A. Ball is the Founder of the Twin Cessna Flyer, originally started as the 310 Owners of America in 1988. Larry has authored several books and numerous articles on Twin Cessnas and founded the organization to provide the best possible means for owners and operators of Twin Cessna aircraft to safely and economically maintain and preserve their aircraft.

Anthony R. (Tony) Saxton
Tony Saxton, Advisory Board Member, is also The Twin Cessna Flyer Director of Technical Support. He is also the founder and owner of TAS Aviation in Defiance, Ohio. TAS Aviation completes hundreds of annual inspections on Twin Cessna aircraft each year along with many extensive repairs and modifications. As a result, Tony is one of the world's leading experts on these aircraft. In 1992 Tony received the FAA Maintenance Technician of the Year. He is an A&P, AI, and the lead instructor of the renowned Twin Cessna Flyer Systems and Engine Seminars. Tony is available to answer the technical questions of our members by emailing

Membership Benefits for Prospective Owners

If you are considering purchasing a Twin Cessna, membership in the Twin Cessna Flyer is essential to making an informed decision.

From operating costs to specific model experience, TTCF staff can provide extensive experience-based advice. Members can also share information with each other on the TTCF Members Forum.

Membership in the Twin Cessna Flyer is a must for anyone interested in these magnificient airplanes.