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The Twin Cessna Flyer organization is dedicated to safety, preservation and the economical operation of piston-powered twin engine Cessna aircraft (except the 337 series). Through the monthly magazine, periodic seminars, technical assistance and networking among members, we help Twin Cessna owners around the world utilize and enjoy their aircraft to the fullest. Bringing Value to Members

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News & Announcements

2016 Fly-In Convention Now Open
April 28 - 30 in
Charleston, SC!


Fort Myers, FL (KFMY)
February 4 - 7, 2016

Prevent Misfueling

2015 Fly-In Convention May 28 - 30
Colorado Springs CO

Alaska Air Rally
June 1 - 13, 2015

RAM's Announcement of Danbury/ECI Acquisition
Continental Acquires Danbury 7-15
Continental to Acquire Danbury 4-15
Takeoff Engine Failure at SimCom

TTCF Response to Proposed ECi AD - Feb. 15

2013 Fly-In Convention Highlights

340 Gear Video

OSH Departure Video

Proposed Southwind Heater AD

340 Landing at St Barts - Members Video

ILS to Minimums - Member Video

November Seminar Pictures (RAM Aircraft)

Classic 310 Fly-In Movie

TTCF Response Proposed ECi Cylinder AD

RAM's Updated Response to Proposed
ECi Cylinder AD - 9/23/13

AOPA & Owners Group Response to
Proposed ECi Cylinder AD

AOPA & Owners Group Response to
Proposed ECi Cylinder AD

AvWeb article to Proposed Cylinder AD

Mac McClellan on Proposed Cylinder AD

ECi Response to Proposed AD

RAM's Response to Proposed ECi Cylinder AD

Proposed ECi Cylinder AD

Continental Extends TBO's

Sunset for Leaded Aviation Gasoline?

The Design of the 310 - A Cessna Engineer's
Recollection of the 310 Design

TTCF Member's 340 Move-Up Story

T310R Cross Country Trip Report

310I Oshkosh Award Winner Brochure Click Here

310 Successfully Ditches in Pacific Click Here

Beautiful 310 In-Flight Video Click Here

TCM Corporate Announcement Transaction Presentation Click Here

Check out these videos shot by member Ken Sutton on a recent flight from St. Louis to Chicago in his magnificently updated Cessna 310G.

Segment 1 -
Click Here

Segment 2 - Click Here (For more information on his airplane, see the cover story of the April 2010 issue of The Twin Cessna Flyer)

Interesting Story about the Bamboo Bomber Click Here

The Current Issue Highlights

• Sanov 421C
• All About Engine Beams
• What Does It Cost to Own
a 421?
• Starter Adaptor
• Answers to Your Technical
Questions and much more

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The Twin Cessna Flyer Risk Assessment Tool

Twin Cessnas: One for Every Budget and One for Every Need

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Cessna and Piper twin specialists
Recurrent Training Center - Single & Twin Piston Pilot Training – King Air Pilot Training Specialists
A father / son team with 86 combined years of aviation maintenance expericence with A&P license/commercial pilot
Located at Defiance County Airport (DFI) offering routine and specialized maintenance for Cessna twins since 1976.
Aircraft Specialties Services is a Part 145 Repair Station specializing in reconditioning and machining crankshafts, camshafts, tappet bodies and connecting rods.
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Plane-Power was formed with a unique concept to simplify the aircraft alternator market, and keep the cost of alternators down vis-a-vis a custom-fit approach.
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